Saturday, November 26, 2016

Day 2-The Beauty and Intrigue of Mineral de Pozos!

As the town of Pozos continues to rise from the ashes, it has a lot going for it. Dramatic mountain vistas, remarkable ruins, charming cobblestone streets, and a growing art community are breathing life back to this once thriving town. Recently, over 30 km of well marked mountain bike trails cut through the cactus and sagebrush surrounding the town and allow bikers to visit the ruins while enjoying the incredible scenery. We were lucky to spend our second day here soaking up the past and the future of Pozos!

After a filling breakfast of eggs (cooked to your liking!), beans, orange juice, and coffee, all included in our modestly priced and beautiful room at the Posada de Las Minas we headed out for another day of exploration.

One of our first stops was a street that houses some of the small artists’ studios, several of which offer a fascinating array of Pre-Hispanic musical instruments. We spent some time with Luis Cruz, whose shop was lined with an incredible selection of drums, flutes, and stringed instruments. Luis was happy to play them for us, and the melodic sounds of instruments long forgotten, individually crafted from local woods and materials including mesquite, cactus, and cow bone, were a joy.  

The growing mountain biking scene in Pozos has blossomed recently, thanks to the completion of over 30 km of well-marked trails. There are trails for all skill levels, and a well equipped bike shop near the trail head offers rentals and other services for visiting mountain bikers. The scenery here is breathtaking, and you can visit some of the abandoned mining sites as you make your way through the rugged countryside on your bike. Part of the trail is even illuminated at night with solar powered lighting! There is a great deal of hiking available as well, but make sure you wear sturdy shoes and watch out for mine shafts!

As we wandered about town the first day, one of the many local dogs that wandered the streets decided we looked good, and followed us around for part of the day. On our second day, we encountered him again, and although he seemed to ignore everyone else that passed by, he wagged his tail with joy when he saw us and once again accompanied us on our walk for awhile. Not sure what the attraction was as we never feed the dogs, but I guess he just sensed we were dog people!

There are spectacular ruins everywhere you go in Pozos, and we covered a lot of ground exploring them. Once again we were struck by the thought of what it must have looked like here during its hay day.

All too soon, it was time to meet our driver for the ride back to San Miguel. We are looking forward to returning to Pozos when the street projects are completed to spend a little more time getting to know this lovely town!

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