Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Housewarming Party for the Guerrero Family, and the Special Gift of La Mesa!

We have been doing some volunteer work for Casita Linda, a non-profit organization that builds homes for local families. We were recently invited to attend a housewarming party for the Guerrero family hosted by the organization at a new bright blue house situated on a hill overlooking San Miguel. Along with a number of members of the board and a few other volunteers, we arrived by carpool and were greeted by the matriarch of the family, a shy smiling woman named Guadalupe and her three beautiful children, Caren, Ariana, and Juan Diego. 

A number of other children, dogs, and adults from the neighborhood joined the festivities as well. Jose, the man of the house and a deeply religious man who I had met on a previous visit, was not able to attend as he was involved with an important religious event taking place that weekend.

Upon arrival, the first order of business was to unload some furniture that had been made for the house by the students at the San Miguel School for Special Education. The school works primarily with the deaf, but also assists students with other disabilities. The students have been building furniture for the Casita Linda homes and it is a special relationship that gives the students’ purpose and the families a better life. Today we were delivering a table and two benches, along with a small bookcase. It is hard to imagine the joy that a table and a place to sit can bring until you see it with your own eyes. As we carried the table in and set up the benches, the family quickly gathered around and smiles broke out everywhere. It is easy to take for granted that your family has a place to gather and a place to sit. Family and food are very important to the Mexican people and the table or la mesa is an important place to celebrate it.

Along with desserts that some of us had brought, the neighbors soon arrived bearing exquisite bowls of a delicious chicken and rice dish, and we were all treated to the first meal at the new table. 

The children (and some of the adults!) seemed more interested in the cake that we brought, but hey, it’s a fiesta! 

After a cute ribbon cutting ceremony, we bid the family farewell and let them go back to their lives in a safe, dry, and comfortable new house. Thanks to everyone at Casita Linda and the San Miguel School for Special Education for their tireless work and the opportunity to share this special occasion with the Guerrero family!

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